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I've left Cambrian House to work full-time on my own company, Barking Stapler.

Over the next few months, I'm going to grow NearbyGamers into a business that can support me. Yes, I know it's not a pretty site. The graphic designer who did the Barking Stapler site, Gilles Maes, is now working on a facelift while I work on adding a great many features.

I expect entrepreneurship is going to be quite a ride, so I expect to start writing about it in addition to my usual technical posts. As usual, let me know if there's any topics you'd like me to cover.

This Week in Rails

Here's the second edition of this week in Rails. This week I'm keeping things short and sweet.

Admin: Contest Winner

After compelling contest entries from Steve Moyer, Jan Wikholm, Nola Stowe, and Gavin Bowman, Jan pulled it out by just a few votes and becomes the proud winner of $50 worth of Pragmatic Programmer books.

Once the specific books are chosen, I'll list them here for discussion.

Thanks to all who participated and stick around to see what I set up for next year.

This Week in Rails

Welcome to the first post in a new series which focuses on Ruby and more specifically, Ruby on Rails. My goal is to provide links and a little bit of commentary on interesting blog posts and discussions from the previous week. I have my rss reader pointed to a bunch of Ruby focused blogs, but I'm sure there are things of interest that will slip past me. If you notice something that you think is worth sharing or a blog I seem to be ignoring, please don't hesitate to contact me directly or post in the previous week's discussion.

There are a number of ways I can go with the week in review. I could provide links to a bunch of stuff in the blogosphere or provide just a few links with my own thoughts. Right now I'm leaning towards around five links per week. I could certainly provide more, but I'm worried about inundating people with too much material (a problem I have with my own growing list of rss subscriptions).

While I won't be doing it this week, I would also like to talk about anything I think is noteworthy from the Rails Google Group and possibly write about any interesting commits from the Rails core team. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated.

Without further delay, here's a little roundup of Ruby and Rails related posts from the last seven days.

Contest Voting: Which person made the best case for their technology person?

<a href="">Steve Moyer's</a> appreciation of Jack Crenshaw?
5% (2 votes)
<a href="">jwikholm's</a> dedication to Craig Larman?
45% (19 votes)
<a href="">Nola Stowe's</a> discussion of Keith Casey?
38% (16 votes)
<a href="">Gavin Bowman's</a> dedication to the mISV Community?
12% (5 votes)
Total votes: 42

CodeSnipers Contest - Deadline Nears

Update: After an unexpected outage from Thursday morning until Friday evening, I am extending the contest until 11:59pm EDT on September 5th. I apologize for the change of plans and would like to thank Nola for her debugging and forensics.

Don't forget that 11:59pm EDT on September 1st - about 38 hours from now - is the deadline for our CodeSnipers essay contest:

We are accepting essays about "the technology person who has had the biggest impact on me". Write 2-3 paragraphs and tell us how the person has made the impact on you. It can be a positive or a negative, related to business, technology, marketing, etc, but the person(s) *must* be involved in technology.

The prize is $50 in books from the Pragmatic Programmers. They have a variety of books on software development, project management, team tools, and misc other things, so you should find a variety of things to suite your tastes and experience. Shipping in the continental US does not count against this total but other shipping does. Conveniently, the Pragmatic Programmers sell ebooks of all their stuff.

CodeSnipers First Birthday Contest

Greetings and welcome to CodeSniper's First Birthday Contest.

For those of you just joining us, we launched one year ago this morning with 10 contributors. We've had some ups and downs, some changing of the guard, and some silent periods (*ahem*July*ahem*), but overall, it's been fun and educational so far. On the flip side, I know of at least three CodeSnipers who have been contacted by companies and had their contributions here referenced. Not huge, but still exciting.

Now the contest part...

I'm Not Dead Yet

So goes a famous line from my son's favorite movie, Monty Python's "Quest for the Holy Grail" (I'm sure he'll grow out of it). I realize that I've missed my last three posting slots and thought I'd explain.

European Shareware Conference

This year's European Shareware Conference will be held in Cambridge, UK, on the 4th and 5th of November.

It has already been discussed on the BoS forum here, but I thought I’d extend the conversation to Codesnipers. I’m hoping to go, and based on the forum thread it looks like I’ll get to put faces to a few familiar names.

Are you planning to go? Do you have feedback from previous conferences? Is it worth trying to stick around for the Sunday evening sessions/event?

DC PHP Conference Call for Presenters

If you're considering submitting, don't forget that today is the deadline:

Call for Presenters!