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Micro ISV Spotlight #1

This is my first attempt at what I hope will be a new series here on Codesnipers. The format might vary slightly, but essentially I'd to make a regular place to highlight two or three interesting Micro ISV articles, products, or resources.

Project Glidepath

Project Glidepath is a new initiative from Microsoft aimed at helping Micro ISVs develop software for .NET 3.0 and Windows Vista. All the information is delivered via RSS as workflow guidance directly into your Visual Studio project. As well as technical advice, there are Glidepath modules to help you with the practical business side of your Micro ISV. The content tries to help you choose software protection or eCommerce providers, and guide your blogging and podcasting strategies.

Regarding Schwag

These are exciting times for technology enthusiasts of all types. It appears like a lot of people are in the business of working on something really fun, trying to convince others of the merits of a particular project or is otherwise. Just very recently, Om Malik announced he wants to move on and start his own business. Also, Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft.

This is of course already old news and there are many other examples. These days, it seems that startups are hot. Everyone is talking about web 2.0, and, the occasional controversy aside, tech firm, especially web 2.0 tech firms are sort of the in thing to do. I am not kidding, there appears to be a certain appeal to the very idea of these firms that I have not witnessed before.

OISV – The Organisation of Independent Software Vendors

The OISV is a new resource for ISVs, it went live last week.

So far it has a small collection of articles, a badge to display on your website, and some promising looking forums, but much more should be on its way. They may have invited early scepticism by already claiming to be the world’s largest organisation of ISVs, but overall I think they’ve done a great job on the site, and should be applauded for aiming high.

Your Own Test Lab, Minus the Lab and the PCs

Ever need to see if your web site or application works properly under Firefox on Linux? IE on Macintosh? Wide-screen resolution on Windows XP?

If you're a small development shop, you probably can't afford to buy all of the hardware and software configurations you'd need. While there are virtualization solutions like VirtualPC or VMWare, you'd also need to buy and install each OS platform before you can even start. Oh, and you'll need 2GB of RAM to run these at better than a crawl.

Enter BrowserCam, a web-based service that offers several ways to test your web apps or site with a minimum of fuss.

The basic service lets you automatically take snapshots of your website on a variety of platforms (from Windows 98 to Mac OSX to Linux), and a variety of browsers (Firefox, Netscape, IE, Safari, Konqueror, etc.). Just enter a URL, and the service does the rest.

If you need more hands-on testing, a Remote Access service is available to play with your application on all of these platforms. This requires a VNC client or you can use their built-in Java VNC client from your Web browser.

First Look: Google Web Toolkit

Portions of this entry were first published in the SitePoint Tech Times #139.

Have you written your own AJAX framework yet? It seems all the big boys are doing it. Microsoft is bringing us Atlas for ASP.NET, Yahoo!’s User Interface Library is open source, server agnostic and beautifully documented and Adobe is working on Spry, which is off to a shaky start in the web standards department. Do we really need another?

Google’s late-but-inevitable entry into this arena is certainly no copycat. The Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is nothing less than a completely original approach to web development that allows server-side Java developers to take their skills to the JavaScript domain… without having to write any JavaScript.

Admin - Site Makeover

Under the cover of darkness, I've been working on a few Secret Projects*. You're looking at the latest and greatest of them. If you're on CodeSnipers, you've probably already noticed the makeover. Alright, it's less of a makeover and more of a razing and rebuilding from the ground up. Previously, we were using the base Drupal theme bluemarine and then I was poking around OSWD and was inspired by a few of the designs.

Yes, I notice there are a handful of oddities. If you have comments, notice functional oddities, or generally wish to ridicule or compliment the design, please feel free to drop me a note at webmaster at or comment here. Just to protect the innocent, only one of the other CodeSnipers saw this design before it was live...

* Most of the Secret Projects are prototypes and concepts of CaseySoftware projects, so keep an eye out.

New York PHP Conference and Expo

June 2006 Event to Feature Recognized Speakers and Exhibit Hall

NEW YORK – New York PHP, the leader in uniting business and community for open source, announces that it will host the New York PHP Conference & Expo, June 14 – 16, 2006. The conference, titled “The PHP Business Community,” will be held at The New Yorker Hotel in New York City. NYPHPCon 2006 will emphasize both business and technical sessions, giving the audience a chance to learn how to better implement PHP within their enterprise and current infrastructures.

“This conference is a chance for the business and technical sides of PHP to come together at a single event” says Hans Zaunere, President and Founder of New York PHP. “The New York PHP Community has already had a chance to hear many of the top speakers present on a regular basis – now this conference is a chance for the rest of the world to visit New York City and see them all under one roof.”

Live Clipboard

This week, Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie presented his Live Clipboard concept at eTech. I saw links to the announcement everywhere I looked for a day or so. At first, I wondered what all the fuss was about, and if the muted reaction on the BoS forum is anything to go by, I might not have been the only one.

I should have been paying more attention; this is very cool.