Software Development Book Club

We want your opinion and point of view - and I bet you want to give it to us! So, how would you like to join a book club with your on-line peers?

After last week's post where I mentioned a community workspace I set up at work, Keith and Nola started doing some brainstorming on how we could do something similar with an off-shoot of this site.

Now, we need your ideas on how to set it up and what features it should have, and your opinions on how to make it interesting enough to make you want to participate. There's a common refrain that goes, "I'd love to, but I just don't have enough time." Well, that's only half true because if you really wanted to and looked forward to it, you'd make time to do it. So what would it take to make you look forward to participating?

Last week I read a good quote somewhere about professional development that went something like, 'Where you're at professionally in 5 years will have a lot to do with the quality of books you're reading today.' (if anyone recognizes that quote, post the link to its true source!)

So, we want to develop a list of quality software books to read together. Personally, I'm more interested in doing a chapter-by-chapter review of each book (one chapter per week, or one section per week) than reading an Amazon-style critique of a book. I want to glean the book's big-idea out of the individual points and "a-has" that each chapter has to offer.

There are two more questions I would like you to consider:

  • What software could we use (maybe Campfire?)
  • What three books would be your top picks? (you can have already read them)?

I say

Umm... IRC is fine by me, doesn't campfire cost mo-lah? We could have a freenode channel #codesnipers :)

The Pragmatic Programmer
Perl Best Practices (applies to all languages IMHO)
Peopleware (haven't even looked at it, but I've wanted to read this one)

ahh, the catch

Nola, you are right - the catch is it's free up to 5 users. details