Sharing my cool toys

I was berated the other day by Keith. He told me about PLEAC and I said yeah, I know!! He said no fair you didn't share your cool toys! So for all you remaining coders out there, I'm sharing! Here's a few handy code snippet sites and I'll review for you today.

This site uses the Perl Cookbook as the basis (which has the Perl source freely available) and volunteers rewrite the snippets in other languages where possible. Very handy, if you know one language and wonder how you would do it in another language.

Code Snippets at BigBold
I actually found this site when featured as a Ruby On Rails site. I like it. It has a very nice clean interface which I like. I'm disappointed there is no search features, but you can browse through specific tags (categories). I subscribed to the RSS feed to keep informed of new snippets.

This searches the code files of many, many tech books which have downloadable sourcecode online. This is a pretty unique idea. I haven't had this one specifically help me yet, but I have used it.

Don't like the name scare you away, but this site has a place for about everybody. Unforunately, looks like there are only snippets in the Ruby category and a few others. Maybe you can show those Ruby programmers there's more to life than Ruby and contribute a few of your own!

WeberDev PHP Snippets
Since I'm mainly a PHP kinda girl, I have gone here before to lookup snippets. Its not bad though it may not be the first place I look.

Planet Source Code
I put a snippet on here about 3 years ago. I can't remember exactly what it was though, someone emailed me not too long ago and thanked me for it!

These sites only exist because kind folks contribute, if you have a handy little piece of code share it!

Those are the ones I use, what about you? any cool toys out there YOU aren't not sharing with your fellow CodeSnipers?


It was a friendly berating. ;)