Regulazy—Regular Expressions for the Rest of Us

I have been working on admitting my weaknesses lately. And one of them is I really, really suck at writing regular expressions. I don’t think I have ever ginned anything more complicated than a “make sure this is three digits” expression from scratch. And I even forgot how to write that expression as I was writing this post.

Fortunately, there are smart people in this world who can help me out in my struggles. One of them is Roy Osherove, a longtime contributor to the .NET community. Many moons ago he wrote The Regulator, a handy regular expression generation IDE.

But The Regulator still required someone know a bit about regular expression syntax and logic, which is a problem for many. So Roy came up with Regulazy—a first-ever point and click regular expression generation tool. It is still in alpha, but looks to be very promising in helping the regex challenged amongst us generate the necessary expressions. You can download it directly from the Regulazy site.

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