Introductory remarks [John]

Hello all!
First, I'd like to say thanks to all the fine folks responsible for getting this up and running, and to everyone for contributing. There's a big difference between thinking 'gee, it would be cool if..." and actually doing something. So, cheers!

As for me: I'm just this guy who's been pounding on keyboards for twenty some-odd years and still hasn't learned to type fast. Oh, and I never wanted to grow up, which is why I didn't even go to college until the age of twenty-five. But go I did, and it was there that I found the discipline to turn my curiosity into productive work.

I graduated with a CS degree in 2003, and have been working full-time as a developer ever since. Mostly, I write Java that powers back-end stuff behind web services, but occasionally I write UI code in C#. (One thing I'm looking forward to this fall is an increase in my .NET workload, which should be fun). Overall, I enjoy my work and take it seriously, and derive great satisfaction from conversing with those who care about it as much as I do. So I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and experience with all of you, as well as with the world-at-large. This should be quite rewarding for all of us.

A Quick Introduction - Keith

I'm a software developer living just outside Washington, DC. I have worked in both the government and corporate worlds for both internal and external customers. The bulk of my work has involved various Open Source projects in primarily Java and PHP. A significant amount of this development has revolved around the development and usage of various XML standards, but in recent years, I have been working in the integration of existing Open Source Projects.

Last year, I formed my own company - CaseySoftware - based on the belief that small and medium businesses are missing out on critical pieces of technology infrastructure simply out of ignorance of the tools available. There are a number of tools available that can improve workflows, provide better management, and capture information better than the Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, and emails currently floating around out there.

Prior to enter the working world, I began my professional education by earning a BS in Electrical Engineering from Rose-Hulman along with a number of non-technology minors. While there I learned how to flip bits, filter signals, and have an intelligent conversation about various areas of political and economic theory and application.

About Joseph

So let me start this introductory, I'm a software engineer, perhaps a drone, trying to break out of this existence! That statement always reminds me of Apple's 1984 commercial that borrowed its clever plot line from Orwell's 1984 title. And like the drones of software engineers, I don't live in Silicon Valley, I don't work for Microsoft, nor do I have any contacts like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or even Linus Torvalds for that matter. Much to my dismay, no capital venturist has been knocking on my door to fund me with the capital for this venture.

I have been programming all my life, as early as the age of 12 in basic, under MS-DOS, and I later 'graduated' to coding in debug! If you guessed 80x86 assembler, you're right! By my teens, I was as dangerous as a teen with a supersoaker gun, armed with idle time, phrack magazines, 2600 booklets, I spend alot of time trying everything I could from phreaking to penetration.

This was all before we knew what the Internet was, back then, Datapac and Tymnet was all we had for connecting at 1200/2400 baud modems to around the world. PBXes were too poor to use back then, that was until the USRobotics 14.4k HST modem, this was the Ferrari of modems, and then, all hell broke loose and that's perhaps the quintessence of my curiousity.

Today, I spend alot of time on securing code, and put alot of time in its asset management. I also like to put alot of time in refactoring code, and better design, with cross platform widgets.

Intro [Alex]

My name is Alex Bendig and I am happy to have the opportunity to join this small group of early members of code snipers. This is my obligatory introductory post.

I first got introduced to computer programming in High School in the very early 1990s when I taught myself Turbo Pascal and then proceeded to develop a file management software for my father's office. That worked out alright and provided me with some cash that I would invest in better hardware. Anyway - I decided to eventually pursue a degree in Computer Science and move on to bigger and better things in the world of software development.

Now, about 12 years later, I have since accumulated professional experience, developed entrepreneurial aspirations and have also managed to keep looking at all of this as a hobby and not just a job. I enjoy learning about new technologies, continuously study various areas of computer science and software engineering and have thus far avoided specializing in any one thing.

I am looking forward to many interesting discussions here at code snipers.

Person.Introduce("Paul Dix");

This is my first post so I'm a little nervous, but let me just introduce myself. My name is Paul Dix and I'm a software developer living in New York City. I've been working with computers professionally for 10 years. During that time I’ve worked as a lowly PC technician, a network administrator, a network engineer, a software tester, and (for the last 5 years) as a software developer. My experience ranges in company sizes from a small startup of five people to contracting for Microsoft or Air Force.
Currently my interests are in JavaScript, XSLT, AJAX, and .NET. I’ve also been playing around a bit with Python just to get myself out of being so Microsoft centric. Software security is another interest I hope to write a number of posts about. I’m a regular reader of the forums over at Joel on Software and I recently attended the Fog Creek open house (I can confirm that the office is impressive). Hopefully I’ll be able to write some interesting posts and help keep lively discussions going! is Live!

Good afternoon and welcome!

If you have found this site prior to August 15th, it's because you've been personally invited. By no means is the site complete in terms of configuration and graphics, so please excuse any oddities that you come across for the next few days. [This posting will stay at the top until then.]

This site is the creation of CaseySoftware, LLC in order to give back and connect the software development community. It is *not* an advertising or promotion site for any particular company, but instead a promotion site for discussion and involvement in the community. Therefore, if you are or become a contributor, we ask that you keep company references relevant to your topic.

What do you get for your experience?

Money? No.
Power? No.
Glory? Unlikely.
Fame? Possibly.
Professional exposure and the chance to demonstrate your expertise? Definitely.

Some basic rules:
* First, the postings must be in English. A conversational style is encouraged, but basic grammatical rules should be followed.
* Second, you should post something - a book review (linked to your Amazon account if you wish), software development issue, a howto, etc - at least once a week. I have found that most of my entries take 10-45 minutes.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please drop me a message at webmaster [at] with an example or three of your writing. These can be blog entries, recent articles, book reviews, etc. I need to see that a) you are a competent writer and can contribute to the community and b) you are serious about this opportunity.