Growing your projects

This is a very interesting time for me. When I started working for my current company 5 years ago (7 if you count college interning), we were a small shop with a lot of debt. We thrived on nothing because we had to. We had ambition, because we wanted to eat.

Now, we're thriving. We have grown to a good size and have lots of good business. Our work pays very well, especially for what we do. We've hit an inflection point.

The problem, if you will, is that I am the software guy. Not that others don't do software related things, but I'm definitely the man. My main product, that's been the culmination of what we've done in house now for years, is far and away the bread and butter of the company. All of it is used internally.

Now, we're facing the decision of perhaps starting to sell our software (and hardware) to outside customers. This presents a challenge, because a lot of it was written around how we do things.

I think it's completely feasible to grow this aspect of the business, and I'm confident we can create a great product. I don't know the market, and I can't say that we'll have any customers - but that part is better left to the bean counters and sleazy marketing types to figure out.

Moreso, I've got to figure out how to transition myself from development to project manager. It shouldn't be hard, because I'll be defining the project team from scratch (since it's only been myself thus far). I also need to start formalizing my thoughts on the resources I need.

How do we go about this? How do you make the jump from coder to Mr. Important Decision Maker Person? How do you gauge what you'll need to get things done. We have resources and cash to make things happen - we're well past bootstrap mode. but we also don't want to be greedy and overbearing. I know where my roots are, and they are in frugality and frivolity, but I also appreciate assets and resources to get things done.

Who's got some thoughts for me?