CodeSnipers Contest - Deadline Nears

Update: After an unexpected outage from Thursday morning until Friday evening, I am extending the contest until 11:59pm EDT on September 5th. I apologize for the change of plans and would like to thank Nola for her debugging and forensics.

Don't forget that 11:59pm EDT on September 1st - about 38 hours from now - is the deadline for our CodeSnipers essay contest:

We are accepting essays about "the technology person who has had the biggest impact on me". Write 2-3 paragraphs and tell us how the person has made the impact on you. It can be a positive or a negative, related to business, technology, marketing, etc, but the person(s) *must* be involved in technology.

The prize is $50 in books from the Pragmatic Programmers. They have a variety of books on software development, project management, team tools, and misc other things, so you should find a variety of things to suite your tastes and experience. Shipping in the continental US does not count against this total but other shipping does. Conveniently, the Pragmatic Programmers sell ebooks of all their stuff.

Don't miss out... a few minutes might get you a great selection of books.