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Just a bit of Chaos...

The server move is complete... keep an eye out for the news.

If you hadn't noticed, the site is acting up. After some downtime and a server move, things are still a bit screwy.

Admin: Contest Winner

After compelling contest entries from Steve Moyer, Jan Wikholm, Nola Stowe, and Gavin Bowman, Jan pulled it out by just a few votes and becomes the proud winner of $50 worth of Pragmatic Programmer books.

Once the specific books are chosen, I'll list them here for discussion.

Thanks to all who participated and stick around to see what I set up for next year.

CodeSnipers Contest - Deadline Nears

Update: After an unexpected outage from Thursday morning until Friday evening, I am extending the contest until 11:59pm EDT on September 5th. I apologize for the change of plans and would like to thank Nola for her debugging and forensics.

Don't forget that 11:59pm EDT on September 1st - about 38 hours from now - is the deadline for our CodeSnipers essay contest:

We are accepting essays about "the technology person who has had the biggest impact on me". Write 2-3 paragraphs and tell us how the person has made the impact on you. It can be a positive or a negative, related to business, technology, marketing, etc, but the person(s) *must* be involved in technology.

The prize is $50 in books from the Pragmatic Programmers. They have a variety of books on software development, project management, team tools, and misc other things, so you should find a variety of things to suite your tastes and experience. Shipping in the continental US does not count against this total but other shipping does. Conveniently, the Pragmatic Programmers sell ebooks of all their stuff.

CodeSnipers First Birthday Contest

Greetings and welcome to CodeSniper's First Birthday Contest.

For those of you just joining us, we launched one year ago this morning with 10 contributors. We've had some ups and downs, some changing of the guard, and some silent periods (*ahem*July*ahem*), but overall, it's been fun and educational so far. On the flip side, I know of at least three CodeSnipers who have been contacted by companies and had their contributions here referenced. Not huge, but still exciting.

Now the contest part...

DC PHP Conference Call for Presenters

If you're considering submitting, don't forget that today is the deadline:

Call for Presenters!

[admin] Content Oddities

If you were attempting to visit and read some of the articles last night (Saturday, 4-6pm EDT), you might have noticed some "new" stories appearing, disappearing, published, and a variety of other things. This was due to the testing of a new module that has been added to CodeSnipers to improve the content flow. No content was lost or changed anywhere in the system.

Call for Conferences

Yes, normally it works the other way around. A conference announces a Call for Papers/Presenters, but we're doing it the opposite way here. If you know of a conference - preferably that you're attending - that it isn't listed, please let me know.

First, we have the New York PHP Conference & Expo 2006 which is in New York, NY in mid-June. It's focused on PHP in the business community looking at both the Business Strategy and Technical Solutions. There are four of us from the DC PHP Group planning to head that direction. Registration is open, the Call for Presenters is closed.

Next, is the YAPC or "yet another Perl conference" which is in Chicago, IL in late June. The focus of this conference is Perl as a whole though they've widened their net to look at more scripting languages and concepts such as "Python for Perl Programmers". Nola brought this one to my attention and I believe she's attending. Registration is open, the Call for Presenters is closed. [Correction: Call for Presenters is closed, but the "Call for Virtual Participation" is still open. And the 15% registration discount expires on April 30th. - KC]

Next, is the Better Software Conference in Las Vegas, NV in late June (same week as YAPC above). This conference is all about software project management, process improvement, metrics, etc. I initially heard about this one because Joel Spolsky is a keynote, but don't worry... I'll be there too. Registration is open, the Call for Presenters is closed.

Finally - and near and dear to my heart - is the 2006 DC PHP Conference in Washington, DC in mid-October. This conference is focused on PHP in the Federal government with a special look at non-profits therefore we take a specific look at PHP Security, Integration in the Enterprise, and a Show & Tell. I say "we" because I'm one of the people organizing it and will definitely be attending. Registration is open, the Call for Presenters is open.

If we're missing one of your favorite conferences, please let us know. As these pass, they'll be replaced with new ones.

Recharging and Refueling

One of the common threads that has shown up around here involves starting your own business, the joys and successes that go along with it, and all the stuff you can learn. One of the things rarely discussed is burnout.

DC PHP Conference - Announcement and Call for Papers

PHP in the Federal Enterprise and the World:  Secure Solutions for Federal Agencies, IT Companies and Non-Profit Organizations

We are hosting the first DC Metropolitan area PHP Conference this October.  Not only that, but since we're in a unique location with opportunities and potential impact like nowhere else in the world, we're taking a slightly different look at PHP. Our mission is to demonstrate and teach how PHP is a solid, sensible, cost-effective, and low risk development language to use for government and non profits.

Therefore, our Presentation Tracks fall into four areas:

  • Integrating PHP with Federal Operations and the Enterprise
  • Security & Accountability
  • The Art of PHP
  • The Business Case for PHP

The Call for Papers ends on July 7th and gives suggested topics in each of these areas.  Your presentation will be up to 400 people including decision makers for some of the largest and most influential organizations in the world.

Admin - Site Makeover

Under the cover of darkness, I've been working on a few Secret Projects*. You're looking at the latest and greatest of them. If you're on CodeSnipers, you've probably already noticed the makeover. Alright, it's less of a makeover and more of a razing and rebuilding from the ground up. Previously, we were using the base Drupal theme bluemarine and then I was poking around OSWD and was inspired by a few of the designs.

Yes, I notice there are a handful of oddities. If you have comments, notice functional oddities, or generally wish to ridicule or compliment the design, please feel free to drop me a note at webmaster at or comment here. Just to protect the innocent, only one of the other CodeSnipers saw this design before it was live...

* Most of the Secret Projects are prototypes and concepts of CaseySoftware projects, so keep an eye out.