Admin - Site Makeover

Under the cover of darkness, I've been working on a few Secret Projects*. You're looking at the latest and greatest of them. If you're on CodeSnipers, you've probably already noticed the makeover. Alright, it's less of a makeover and more of a razing and rebuilding from the ground up. Previously, we were using the base Drupal theme bluemarine and then I was poking around OSWD and was inspired by a few of the designs.

Yes, I notice there are a handful of oddities. If you have comments, notice functional oddities, or generally wish to ridicule or compliment the design, please feel free to drop me a note at webmaster at or comment here. Just to protect the innocent, only one of the other CodeSnipers saw this design before it was live...

* Most of the Secret Projects are prototypes and concepts of CaseySoftware projects, so keep an eye out.

vote for return to black on white, ragged edge

this new style is cool artistically speaking, but non-standard and not my preference.


Feedback taken and noted.. keep an eye out for a change within the next 24 hours.

Missed tags

Unfortunately, I forgot to specify blink tags strewn throughout the pages. ;)

Seriously though, I appreciate the feedback and am currently discussing it with others. Please, keep it coming.


obviously none of us want that to happen. Give it a day or two as there are still some things being worked on.


I am happy to see some changes in the GUI here at Code Snipers! Thanks for undertaking the task of getting something together.

I noticed that the pre tags used for code are grey on grey:



Thanks for the note. I've adjusted the background color and changed the font family to have a more system-like style.


The black text on the white background... surrounded by the blues?

works for me

black on white surrounded by blues is okay by me. thanks