Project Glidepath

Project Glidepath is a new initiative from Microsoft aimed at helping Micro ISVs develop software for .NET 3.0 and Windows Vista. All the information is delivered via RSS as workflow guidance directly into your Visual Studio project. As well as technical advice, there are Glidepath modules to help you with the practical business side of your Micro ISV. The content tries to help you choose software protection or eCommerce providers, and guide your blogging and podcasting strategies.

Although much of the content will come from Microsoft, the framework is there to allow other service providers, or the community, to build guidance modules based on their own knowledge, experience, or services.

Project Glidepath is the brainchild of Michael Lehman, who you might already know from the Micro ISV Show, a thoroughly nice chap who seemingly wants nothing more than to help all us small developers become more productive and profitable.

Where I find it very difficult to describe this project without feeling or sounding like an acronym spouting spambot, Michael explains it all perfectly in a Channel 9 video. If you want to learn more, definitely start with the video, and then check out the site or the download. I tried some of the early beta software, and I read the description of the project on the site, but it wasn’t until I watched the video that I understood the vision.


There's a Microsoft webcast on Project Glidepath on 10th July:-

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Thanks to Jeff on the BoS forums for the tip.