Playing Around with Boutique Software

Looks like it's been a busy week on Codesnipers, and I've missed most of it. In addition to the usual work cycle, I've been hatching plans of my own to join the ranks of so many us here and get my own project going.

There's some... interesting roadblocks in store for me on my way to micro-ISVdom. As people like Paul Graham point out, getting a startup off the ground is a young person's job; or rather, reading the subtext, a manic, no-significant-other-havin', 22-year-old recent graduate from Stanford's job.

I'm none of those things. Nor do I have a burning desire to change forever the way people buy cheese graters, bling out their iPods, or share photos. In fact, (just as an aside and apropos of nothing, I guess) I'm a little tired of innovation. We've had enough for the time being, thank you very much.

So what am I proposing? Well, conventional wisdom tells you to go with what you know, and work with what you have. As it turns out, I have a wife who isn't happy with the idea of yours truly spending ten hours a day in front of computer at work, only to come home and sit in front of another computer for another four. Can't blame her, but this startup ain't gonna up itself. What to do? Bring her in.

Now, she doesn't know jack about programming. That never stopped anybody. (Besides, there is always a ton of non-technical tasks to do, and they may not even be boring.) In any event, the plan is to make software for people like my wife--people who don't want software. People who see it as an necessary evil. We want to make software that's necessary, and a little less evil.

See, you can go to Target and buy a perfectly serviceable outfit for under fifty bucks. Or you can go to a froo-froo boutique and pay hundreds. In the case of clothing, it's lost on me why anyone pays that kind of money, but who am I to judge? I'm proposing to do the same thing with software. I have an idea; nothing earth-shattering, no Google-earth whizbang factor. Just the same old, only better. Better in a way that I haven't seen before.

So, am I nuts? We'll find out soon enough.