Person.Introduce("Paul Dix");

This is my first post so I'm a little nervous, but let me just introduce myself. My name is Paul Dix and I'm a software developer living in New York City. I've been working with computers professionally for 10 years. During that time I’ve worked as a lowly PC technician, a network administrator, a network engineer, a software tester, and (for the last 5 years) as a software developer. My experience ranges in company sizes from a small startup of five people to contracting for Microsoft or Air Force.
Currently my interests are in JavaScript, XSLT, AJAX, and .NET. I’ve also been playing around a bit with Python just to get myself out of being so Microsoft centric. Software security is another interest I hope to write a number of posts about. I’m a regular reader of the forums over at Joel on Software and I recently attended the Fog Creek open house (I can confirm that the office is impressive). Hopefully I’ll be able to write some interesting posts and help keep lively discussions going!