OISV – The Organisation of Independent Software Vendors

The OISV is a new resource for ISVs, it went live last week.

So far it has a small collection of articles, a badge to display on your website, and some promising looking forums, but much more should be on its way. They may have invited early scepticism by already claiming to be the world’s largest organisation of ISVs, but overall I think they’ve done a great job on the site, and should be applauded for aiming high.

After they picked up a couple of thousand applicants from the various sites they were covered by in the run up to their launch, it seems unsurprising that there has been a bit of a backlog for applications. They approve new members on an individual basis, so you might have to wait a few days for your confirmation to come through.

I think it’s great that so much effort is going into building communities for developers and ISVs online. As the BoS forums have shown, we can learn a lot from each other. The OISV seems to have plenty of support, and as I said, the forums are already showing a lot of promise. The Discounts for Members forum is a nice touch too, it’s already full of deals.

Oh, and they offered a free T-shirt for the first 2000 members. I’m not sure how big an incentive a T-shirt has been, how much it might have cost them, or why they’ve chosen to splash out on a freebie... maybe we’ll hear about that in a future article.

I’ll let you know if mine ever turns up.