New Feature: Anonymous Blog

After a bit of discussion with CodeSnipers lurkers, I've created a new feature:

The Anonymous Blog

Want to rant, ask a question, or just generally vent, but don't want the information showing up at your next annual review? Let us handle it for you. While there's no true anonymity on the web, we can make sure that your name is not attached to it. More than anything, it's up to you to rename individuals, companies, projects, etc which you talk about.

Drop me an email at contributor @ codesnipers and you'll get access to post whatever your heart desires until someone else requests access. All items must be posted "Rant" or "Open Question" whichever is more applicable.

Foul language, libel, sharing trade secrets, etc can't be tolerated and will be editted or deleted, but humorous stories about project mishaps, pointy-haired bosses, or gross misapplications of [buzz words, technology, HR rules, etc] are always welcome.