MSDN Channel 9 Interview with Gavin Bowman

In case any of our readers are interested in hearing a bit about the man himself, an interview with our very own Gavin Bowman is available on Channel 9 Shows » The MicroISV Show.

Check it out and enjoy.

Good going Gavin!

Overall great. I am a bit disappointed in the way the questions went, the interviewer didn't seem to know how to get a rap going. But anyway, you are probably the most outspoken Micro ISV blogger of the moment, so it was very appropriate to have your interview as the first in the series. Interesting that you share my primary .NET complaint even though you have embraced it -- the problem of .NET platform availability and bundling/distribution.
Your advice for Micro ISVs of focusing on a small problem was very good.

First Show

Thanks, Ben. The conversation seemed to flow quite well at the time. Michael did let me know that I was the guinea pig, so I'm sure he was tweaking the format a little as we went along, not to mention the copious editing to cover up some of my longer "Errms" ;).