Master Plan v0.2

CodeSnipers has been growing pleasantly over the past few months and I believe it's reaching a critical tipping point. After the holidays, there are going to be a series of announcements about new functionality, areas, and ideas that will be coming about in this little community. If all goes well, some of them may happen when they're announced.

Anyway, towards this goal, I'm looking for a few brave people to share their thoughts, bare their souls, and generally start a discussion with the community. I'm not looking for just any people, but people with particular skills:

First, I need a .htaccess/mod_rewrite wizard. I'm not looking for any work to be done, but just to get some questions answered and bounce some opinions around.

Next and more importantly, I'm looking for people who want to share some thoughts in the following areas: PHP, Ruby, Java, XML, and general software development practices.

I can't offer money, power, or even beer, but I can offer you a platform to speak which is regularly cited by php | architect,, microISV, PHP Magazine, and even occassionally the Ruby on Rails Blog, The Carnival of the Capitalists here and here, and the The Carnival of Computing.

So far this has led to some of our contributors getting mentions, contact, and even be cited and contacted for "expert opinion" in their fields. This is an easy way to gain a bit of recognition... as long as you have something worthwhile to say. And it's probably significantly improved the writing skills of a handful of our contributers, myself included. ;)

So, if you're interested in any of the above, please drop me a note at keith at caseysoftware. Thanks for your time and thanks for stopping by.