Man, this ISV thing is tough

Well! I am proud to announce that progress is being made, and soon we'll be unveiling my new company, Chubby Game Studios. I'm using the ol' "Don't quit yer day job" strategy for this foray; I'll keep you posted on how it goes.
We don't have a production game yet, and in fact the website isn't ready to go, but I just had to announce the name of the company as it was a major undertaking just to settle on one out of many candidates. The selection was made easier by the dearth of available domain names that are even in the same solar system as your company name. Sheesh! As if cybersquatters weren't bad enough, what's up with all the lamers taking perfectly good domain names (think ${foo} and putting some piece 'o crap blog on it? And updating it every eight months. Arrrrgh. "Here's pictures of my cat." "Duhhh, Google is overrated gwaaaaah..."

Yeah, I'm two weeks into this, and I already know both why people start their own businesses and why they do not. Oh, there's the thrill, and the satisfaction that comes from making something (something that works, anyway). And sometimes it's just fun to make decisions.

Then again, sleep is kinda nice. Think I'll go get some here within the next... twenty hours or so.

Oh, almost forgot... can anyone recommend a jsp webhost?