Live Clipboard, or not…

I set aside my Codesnipers time this week to continue last week’s exploration of the Live Clipboard technical introduction. Then I found this link on Bob’s blog, and that kind of threw me off track:-

Live Clipboard Specification v0.91

I know it wouldn’t be smart to press on regardless, pretending that there was no new information, so I need to do some reading. In a normal week, that wouldn’t hold me back; I’d read the new information, adapting the article if necessary, or I’d pick something else to write about. I decided that this week would be different, for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, the start of British Summer Time already crept up and stole one of my Sunday hours.

Secondly, Nina’s first "Wife of the mISV" article is still fresh in my mind, and it seems about time my wife got her fair share of my weekend. If you haven’t read the article, you probably should... unless you’re one of those committed singles who can still go home from your day job and put in a full day on your Micro ISV.

So, I’m sticking to the boundary for this Codesniper’s post, family comes first. I was sure that there was a related Business of Software forum thread I could link to, but I can’t find it anymore. I guess it must have gotten out of hand and been pruned... wow, nothing’s going my way today.