Introductory remarks [John]

Hello all!
First, I'd like to say thanks to all the fine folks responsible for getting this up and running, and to everyone for contributing. There's a big difference between thinking 'gee, it would be cool if..." and actually doing something. So, cheers!

As for me: I'm just this guy who's been pounding on keyboards for twenty some-odd years and still hasn't learned to type fast. Oh, and I never wanted to grow up, which is why I didn't even go to college until the age of twenty-five. But go I did, and it was there that I found the discipline to turn my curiosity into productive work.

I graduated with a CS degree in 2003, and have been working full-time as a developer ever since. Mostly, I write Java that powers back-end stuff behind web services, but occasionally I write UI code in C#. (One thing I'm looking forward to this fall is an increase in my .NET workload, which should be fun). Overall, I enjoy my work and take it seriously, and derive great satisfaction from conversing with those who care about it as much as I do. So I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and experience with all of you, as well as with the world-at-large. This should be quite rewarding for all of us.