Intro [Alex]

My name is Alex Bendig and I am happy to have the opportunity to join this small group of early members of code snipers. This is my obligatory introductory post.

I first got introduced to computer programming in High School in the very early 1990s when I taught myself Turbo Pascal and then proceeded to develop a file management software for my father's office. That worked out alright and provided me with some cash that I would invest in better hardware. Anyway - I decided to eventually pursue a degree in Computer Science and move on to bigger and better things in the world of software development.

Now, about 12 years later, I have since accumulated professional experience, developed entrepreneurial aspirations and have also managed to keep looking at all of this as a hobby and not just a job. I enjoy learning about new technologies, continuously study various areas of computer science and software engineering and have thus far avoided specializing in any one thing.

I am looking forward to many interesting discussions here at code snipers.