Hey, anyone want Wheel2.0?

Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Hibernate

Okee-dokee. To make a very long story short: We've got this thing, see, that we call a DAL. It's kind of a data abstraction layer, but not really; it doesn't do much to 'abstract' data access. It does, however, put all the data access in a common set of packages, if not necessarily behind a common interface. It's not all bad. In fact, it's been useful, and it's gotten us this far. But it is a bit... anemic. And we do have maintenence problems - hundreds and hundreds of 'query modules', some ludicrously specific (bad abstraction! no! no!), most redundant.

So I've been playing with Hibernate. This will probably be a laff for those of you lucky enough to have worked with an enterprise-grade data abstraction framework, but I am so geekin' out on this thing it's hilarious. I'm like I was back in college - buttonholing people in the hallway saying "Ooh, and, it supports lazy caching, and implicit polymorphism, and...". I've raved about it to my wife, who, bless her heart and her eternal patience, nods off to sleep while I blather on about seperation of concerns and blah blah blah. It does what we need our DAL to do, and it's already built and tested and OMG I can't believe we wasted so much time re-inventing the wheel.

So what's the big deal? Nuttin', except I'm on a mission to, piece-by-piece, replace our creaky old hand-rolled DAL with Hibernate. I'm on a mission, really, to convince everyone else in the company that we should do this. Let the fun begin, eh?

(Course, should anyone have stories/advice/whatever for a similar situation, please share)

Piece by piece

...it looks like it may happen. We're moving slowly, cautiously--but piece by piece, we'll get up to speed on Hibernate. What a country!