CodeSnipers Generation-2 [Admin]

Good morning,

CodeSnipers has been growing like crazy. We're steadily getting more and more hits and I consider the launch a success. We have made it into the top 100k blogs on Technorati, so that means someone finds what we're saying interesting... even if they don't agree. As a result, I'm looking to expand the site a bit in selected areas.

Officially, no additional CodeSnipers will be added until the end of the month. But, in order to find the right people early in this process, I am extending an open invitation to be guest contributors. The same guidelines will apply (listed below) and we may not publish your piece, but I will make sure you get feedback. If your piece gets published, your personal blog/website will be mentioned along with a short (one paragraph) profile which you can submit.

Rule for submission:
1. Don't waste my time or your own with a "I'd be perfect for this!" sort of message. If you want space here to write, then make your first contact with me be a post that you'd be willing to see published on the site. There's no promise that it will be published, but it will be read.

Some basic guidlines for CodeSnipers:
1. This site is NOT a promotion site for my company or any particular company. I request that if you mention a particular company that it is relevant to your post and not a sales pitch. Even though this is run by my company, I will follow the same. If you're posting sales pitches... you have been warned. Keep it relevant.

2. Like it or not, the bulk of our audience is in the English speaking world. Therefore your postings should be in English. A conversational tone is prefered, but basic grammatical rules should be followed.

3. There is NO financial compenstaion involved. If you write a review of a product, you are welcome to link to your Amazon/whatever account, but I'm not promising anything in terms of results. If you do receive compensation/reward beyond an affiliate account - such as a software license or the author promises to buy you a beer - you will be expected to disclose it on the site. This is NOT an adver-torial space.

4. Since there are not an infinite number of topics in software development, entries will occassionally collide. If you see someone post on a specific topic and you plan to write on the same, I would encourage you to hold off a day or two unless you have a different perspective to present.

5. All content is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 (info: ).

Thanks for your time,

Keith Casey
webmaster @
CodeSnipers, Editor In Chief

Oh the irony.

Thanks. It has been fixed.


Not more than 3 weeks or so, we've only been around that long. ;)

I'm looking foward to hearing from some more sharp people. I've talked with a pair of excellent people that are going to start writing once in a while.