is Live!

Good afternoon and welcome!

If you have found this site prior to August 15th, it's because you've been personally invited. By no means is the site complete in terms of configuration and graphics, so please excuse any oddities that you come across for the next few days. [This posting will stay at the top until then.]

This site is the creation of CaseySoftware, LLC in order to give back and connect the software development community. It is *not* an advertising or promotion site for any particular company, but instead a promotion site for discussion and involvement in the community. Therefore, if you are or become a contributor, we ask that you keep company references relevant to your topic.

What do you get for your experience?

Money? No.
Power? No.
Glory? Unlikely.
Fame? Possibly.
Professional exposure and the chance to demonstrate your expertise? Definitely.

Some basic rules:
* First, the postings must be in English. A conversational style is encouraged, but basic grammatical rules should be followed.
* Second, you should post something - a book review (linked to your Amazon account if you wish), software development issue, a howto, etc - at least once a week. I have found that most of my entries take 10-45 minutes.

If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please drop me a message at webmaster [at] with an example or three of your writing. These can be blog entries, recent articles, book reviews, etc. I need to see that a) you are a competent writer and can contribute to the community and b) you are serious about this opportunity.