Back to the Future

"Have you been crammified by too much screensucking in your pilatorium lately? Are you frozoned and multifailing because your work environment’s gemmelsmerch is too high? Worry no more! Reverse that enjambleness, stop that whizilling! Acme Micro-ISV’s got the product for you!"

No, I’ve not lost my mind, nor am I channeling A Clockwork Orange, and no, this is not Word 12’s spelling checker running amok. The above is a host of new words recently minted by Dr. Edward Hallowell, a leading expert on Attention Deficit Disorder to describe the host of new information-related afflictions, maladies and crippling diseases starting to spread throughout the Information Society. Pay attention now – what you don’t know can hurt you.

Hallowell has been studying and treating child and adult cases of Attention Deficit Disorder for 20 years. He’s written a slew of books, offers training to other clinicians and is a serious guy with a serious message in his latest book, CrazyBusy. The message? The ADD meme is spreading through the infosphere, or to put it another way, as more and more people spend more and more of their time acting like programmers (working on multiple projects, dealing with email avalanches, working in and on multiple sites), more and more people are in a big heap of Trouble.

That’s where you come in.

Looking for that secret sauce that will launch your micro-ISV towards fame and fortune? Here it is: Solve emerging problems, not existing ones. Existing problems – how to do small business accounting, managing tangible assets, etc., etc. – have been done to death. You need to look to the future, not the past and seek out new kinds of problems that the Big Boys haven’t clued into, where there’s newly felt pain and fresh money on the table (or in businessSpeak, emerging underserved markets with low-hanging opportunities for adding value and product differentiation abound.)

So, here’s your homework:

Go futurist Hunting – Spend some time with the take of googling "futurist”, have a visit to Michael Rogers site over at MSNBC, go dig (or buy) Alvin Toffler’s Third Wave book out of the library.

Pay a visit to Doc Hallowell’s site and start thinking about how you can a) avoid going CrazyBusy and b) maybe make a site or desktop app to make other people less CrazyBusy.

Anyone know of a good online gemmelsmerch monitor I can sign up for?