About Joseph

So let me start this introductory, I'm a software engineer, perhaps a drone, trying to break out of this existence! That statement always reminds me of Apple's 1984 commercial that borrowed its clever plot line from Orwell's 1984 title. And like the drones of software engineers, I don't live in Silicon Valley, I don't work for Microsoft, nor do I have any contacts like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or even Linus Torvalds for that matter. Much to my dismay, no capital venturist has been knocking on my door to fund me with the capital for this venture.

I have been programming all my life, as early as the age of 12 in basic, under MS-DOS, and I later 'graduated' to coding in debug! If you guessed 80x86 assembler, you're right! By my teens, I was as dangerous as a teen with a supersoaker gun, armed with idle time, phrack magazines, 2600 booklets, I spend alot of time trying everything I could from phreaking to penetration.

This was all before we knew what the Internet was, back then, Datapac and Tymnet was all we had for connecting at 1200/2400 baud modems to around the world. PBXes were too poor to use back then, that was until the USRobotics 14.4k HST modem, this was the Ferrari of modems, and then, all hell broke loose and that's perhaps the quintessence of my curiousity.

Today, I spend alot of time on securing code, and put alot of time in its asset management. I also like to put alot of time in refactoring code, and better design, with cross platform widgets.