A Quick Introduction - Keith

I'm a software developer living just outside Washington, DC. I have worked in both the government and corporate worlds for both internal and external customers. The bulk of my work has involved various Open Source projects in primarily Java and PHP. A significant amount of this development has revolved around the development and usage of various XML standards, but in recent years, I have been working in the integration of existing Open Source Projects.

Last year, I formed my own company - CaseySoftware - based on the belief that small and medium businesses are missing out on critical pieces of technology infrastructure simply out of ignorance of the tools available. There are a number of tools available that can improve workflows, provide better management, and capture information better than the Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, and emails currently floating around out there.

Prior to enter the working world, I began my professional education by earning a BS in Electrical Engineering from Rose-Hulman along with a number of non-technology minors. While there I learned how to flip bits, filter signals, and have an intelligent conversation about various areas of political and economic theory and application.